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Holistic Pet Cuisine - GREENS®  Immune System Supplement (4 oz or 8 oz) *2017 TOP SELLER

Holistic Pet Cuisine - GREENS® Immune System Supplement (4 oz or 8 oz) *2017 TOP SELLER

Holistic Pet Cuisine - GREENS®  Immune System Supplement (4 oz or 8 oz) *2017 TOP SELLER
8 oz Jar4 oz Jar
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Do you want to offer a product to your customers that REALLY WORKS is MADE IN THE USA with non-GMO ingredients?   

This is the supplement for your store!

Greens® is made with natural & human grade ingredients with NO GRAIN, CORN, WHEAT, SOY, SUGAR, DAIRY, YEAST or PRESERATIVES.
  • Provides your dog with the benefits of grasses, fruits & plant material
  • Contains Quercitin -removes histamine throughout the system & allows for the prevention of allergies
  • Contains Milk Thistle - detoxifies and protects vital liver functions and more
  • Just sprinkle directed amount on dog's food
  • 40+ antioxidant rich super foods, extracts & concentrates, organic super greens & more
  • Maintain your dog's skin & coat, joints, cardiovascular, digestive and endocrine systems
  • Dosage 1/2 scoop per 10 lbs of dog

MAP prices
• 4 oz $39.99
• 8 oz $54.99

Holistic Pet Cuisine Greens® provides your pets with the benefits of grasses, fruits and plant material their wild counterparts get from eating their herbivore prey. We feel that prevention is the key to your pet not developing “human” health problems. Our product will maintain your dog’s skin and coat, joints, cardiovascular system, digestive system and the endocrine system. This will allow for a long and healthy life. The best canned and dry dog foods can lose most of their nutrients during the processing stage which will leave them with only “adequate” amounts of nutrition. Using our product will help naturally maintain the balance of your pet’s immune system.

The benefits with our Holistic Pet Cuisine Greens are similar to using immune support for your dog without the negative effect that comes with medicine. Greens® can prevent your pet's issues by supplying them with the missing supplements not found in their daily diets. Just think how wonderful they will feel just having a healthy gut or no scratching or biting at their paws.

How do I add this to my pet's diet? All you need to do is add Holistic Pet Cuisine Greens® to his normal daily diet and watch how fast your dog's issues are reduced and see just how wonderful it is to have your pet become the playful and healthy pup he deserves to be in his life! Let us help you help your pet! Let's put an end to vet bills through boosting your dog's immune system so he can combat any illnesses that might occur in his lifetime.
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